A safe solution for your peace of mind

QMW Industries prides itself in designing and manufacturing innovative personnel safety solutions for a range of sectors, with the team raising the bar even further with its latest creation – the Q-Transporter.

The Q-Transporter is an ADR 59/00 (Australian Design Rules) certified passenger vehicle/omnibus with an integrated roll over protection structure (ROPS ISO 3471:2008). A falling object protection structure has also been applied to the external galvanised shell of the vehicle to ensure it can withstand impacts of up to 1365 joules.

“We believe that the omnibus will benefit both its owners, operators and occupants when it comes to safety,” QMW Engineering Department manager Joel Hansell says.

The initial concept came about following client feedback and based on the team’s skill-set; they developed a module that could be attached to a four-wheel drive chassis.

“The structure of the omnibus has been manufactured using zincanneal and galvanised materials to protect it against corrosion and the harsh environments it will be used in,” Hansell says.

“This allows for the omnibus to be utilised in a range of industries.”

Safety features aside from the ROPS in the event of an accident or rollover, include, fire retardant insulation and suppression system, which will protect the occupants of the vehicle.

“In addition, other safety features include cameras mounted inside and outside the vehicle for improved visibility, as well as microphones for seamless communication between the driver and passenger. Meanwhile, the module also utilises the trucks central locking system and integrated CANbus.

“We want occupants to feel comfortable, so we took an aviation approach, with a luggage compartment for each passenger, reading light, air conditioning controls, speakers and assistance buttons.”

Materials for the interior were sourced from Australia, Italy, America and Japan.

“The interior has been designed around comfort, aesthetics, hygiene and durability, with optimal seat and foot space,” he says.

The team at QMW will be launching the Q-Transporter at the Australian Mining Safety Conference in May this year.