Clever Air conditioning reduces personnel fatigue levels

QT-MH-18_HVAC test_1QMW’s MH-18 Q-Transporter, a worlds first with integrated ADR and ROPS Roll Over Protection, is not only the safest personnel carrier in the mining and resources sector, but also has the most advanced Air Conditioning system seen in vehicles of this nature.

“The clever part of the design is that QMW have actually split the system into two separate circuits, so in the unlikely event of an in-service failure, occupants are still being cooled,” says Paul Cartwright, QMW’s Business Development Manager.

The system utilises two Red Dot R-5040 evaporator units, two roof mounted Red Dot R-9725 condenser units, and two Unicla 170 Series compressors, tried, tested and industry respected components with a global support network, a system design that has been engineered to perform in the harshest of environments around the globe, including Australia where temperatures can regularly rise above 50C in mining locations.

“The goal was to achieve quick module ‘pull down’ from ambient, providing a comfortable environment for all occupants whilst travelling, QMW’s business is Safety, and this includes keeping occupant fatigue levels to a minimum to support a Zero Harm culture,” Cartwright says.

The above pictures show QMW’s MH-18 Q-Transporter being put through it’s paces at SuperCools cutting edge HVAC and Refrigeration climatic test chamber in Brisbane, QLD.