Top-notch service

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QMW has worked with Byrnecut in the past, designing a tyre handler, which the company now has as standard on all of its mining sites.

Byrnecut Mining Maintenance supervisor Alan Macaulay says the team at QMW has always delivered thorough service and assistance.

“Not only did they make the tyre handler, but they actually came up to the site and gave a bit of after-sales service with the part they had given us, which was really good,” he says.

More recently, the team at QMW repaired Byrnecut’s cabin for its Volvo 120F IT, restoring it back to an “as new condition”, while ensuring the safety needs of the company’s workers were met.

Recertification of roll over protection structure (ROPS) cabins can only be carried out by the manufacturer, or a person experienced with the design of ROPS.

The QMW team were able to recertify Byrnecut’s cabin to international standards and provided an ongoing level of service, says Macaulay.

“It was just a friendly and quite a personal, one-to-one service,” Macaulay says.

“They actually come up to the sites, so they give continuing support for the product.”

Meanwhile, QMW has upheld its commitment to consistently deliver innovative and creative solutions for its customers.

Macaulay says the team are always able to offer improved results.