Vandal Guards

Vandal guards are first and foremost about protecting our customers machines, either in use or unoccupied.  We facilitate our customers needs by providing two types of vandal guards.  Fixed mesh and solid removable which allows you the flexibility to choose.

Secondly, we ensure that visibility through fixed mesh guards is optimised without compromising the level of security required to maintain your machine.

Lastly, but ever present in our design process is style.  We are very conscious about the aesthetics of our customer machinery and ensure we maintain a visually pleasing product so it doesn’t just protect it, it also looks the part.

  • Easy to fit
  • Good visibility
  • Permanent protection
  • Removable close aluminium front screen
  • Sturdy construction
  • Laser cut panels
  • Anti theft lock nuts
  • Company logo cut into each panel.  Options available
  • Split front screens (Extra charge)
  • Full solid removable set
  • Solid/Mesh set (Solid door and front screen)



We also design and fit to ROPS certified cabin’s without voiding ROPS certification.

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