Excavator ROPS / OPG

Traditional (Four Post)

QMW continues to support the demand for traditional four post ROPS and OPG designs for excavators. We realise that some older or non-mainstream excavators still require aftermarket ROPS, FOPS and OPG solutions in order to fully utilise a customer’s investment. So many models of excavators are catered for with a traditional four post design solution.

  • Designed, tested, manufactured and certified to accommodate excavators up to 50,000kg.
  • The four post design is tried, tested, easy to install and has been destructively tested to ISO12117-2 and ISO10262.
  • QMW’s ‘four pillars of protection’ has a fully integrated OPG top guard and optional (removable) OPG gate.
  • The four post Excavator ROPS/OPG is fully mine compliant and has been designed to allow for ease of fitment and fast delivery times to our customers.
  • It can provide protection over an OEM ROPS cabin and save on expensive repairs and recertification.
  • Options are available for forestry applications with the additional of limb risers to protect the engine bay and hydraulics.


The Q~VATOR is all about the innovation, not imitation. After years of lobbying the ISO committee and to ensure the safety of operators globally within the mining, construction and earthmoving industries QMW has managed to achieve the almost impossible, to secure a ROPS and OPG standard for excavators over 6-50 tonnes, previously deemed impossible.

There are thousands of excavators in operation and in dealers yards that need to meet the newly released international excavator ROPS and OPG standard ISO12117.2 and ISO10262 and as such, QMW’s research and development department have been actively designing and destructively testing a unique and innovative range of aftermarket excavator ROPS to bridge the gap to OEM supply, ensuring operator safety.

  • Designed, tested and certified to accommodate excavators up to 40,000kg.
  • The Q~VATOR design is easy to install and has been destructively tested and certified to ISO12117-2 and ISO10262.
  • The Q~VATOR has fully integrated OPG structure for optimized visibility and ease of access whilst maintaining aesthetics of the machine geometry.
  • The Q~VATOR ROPS/OPG is fully mine compliant.


  • The Q~OPG has been specifically designed for overhead protection on excavators.
  • The Q~OPG is light weight, has been destructively tested and certified to ISO10262.
  • The Q~OPG has been engineered for optimized visibility and ease of installation.

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