Blast & Paint Facilities

QMW’s Sandblasting and Industrial Painting facilities and services comprise of:

  • 10M x 5.5M x 5.5M dedicated Garnet reclamation system blast room
  • 10M x 5M x 6M Environmentally friendly, positive pressure semi-downdraft heated spray booth
  • Two (2) Non heated coating workshops 1@  220M2 also serviced with 5T overhead crane and 1 @ 77M2
  • High pressure heated water blast system shed @ 77M2
  • Full colour matching paint tinting system on site
  • Three (3) Forklifts.
  • 10T yard crane

With our highly skilled tradesmen and equipment we can offer GMA Garnet blasting to AS 1627.4 class Sa 2.5, followed by the application of your choice of specialised protective coatings, from automotive style 2 pack polyurethanes, to inorganic and Zinc rich epoxy primers, single or 2 pack high build zinc phosphates, high build epoxies, catalysed acrylics, polyamine adduct cured epoxy primers. The choice is yours or let our technical paint department suggest the best method based on application.

All QMW’s work is internally QA checked in accordance with our ISO9001 accreditation. Blast and paint projects can also come with full QA reports if required, comprising of any of the following:

  • Ambient Condition in accordance with AS 3894.7 Covering Air Temp, Surface Temp, Dew point, and relative humidity.
  • Specified degree of surface cleanliness in accordance with AS1627.9
  • Testing for residual chloride contamination AS 3894.6.
  • Surface profile of blasted steel surface either by Replica Tape method of AS 3894.5 or by the latest non destructive hand held Electronic Coating Thickness Gage instruments.
  • Dry film thickness of applied coatings using Magnetic Induction Gauges in accordance with AS 3894.3
  • Also records of coatings and blast medium product names and batch numbers or certificates.

Hot dip galvanising can also be organised on request using our local specialist, offering a complete corrosion protection service for our products.

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