Service Vehicles

Our range of Fuel Lube Service (FLS) modules designed to fit a variety of makes and models of off-highway trucks and fabricated by our high-quality tradespeople for optimal efficiency and ease of use in line with our end-users requirements is the latest in QMW Industries range of off-highway modular Fuel Lube Service units.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed and manufactured to the highest quality
  • Best in class capacities
  • Complete superstructure design certified to AS2809, AS1692, AS4100, AS3990
  • A 2-pac polyurethane coating system
  • Ability to hoist body to allow access to chassis for serviceability
  • Drain points, ergonomic filtration layout with a central walkway
  • Modular design to allow for different fluid options
  • Custom design available
  • Integration of Fleet & Fuel management systems
  • Stainless steel Hydraulic tubing, fittings & fasteners
  • Multiple diesel fill options: 120 to 800 LPM
  • Grease; High volume, high-pressure release (remote controlled)

Hydraulics – Features & components:

  • Ability to operate multiple functions simultaneously- stand-alone or integrated into host unit hydraulics.
  • MDG41 compliant.
  • Remote control, hydraulic rewind hoses.
  • Hydraulic-driven screw compressor.
  • Banlaw Crankcase receivers fitted to all product tanks.
  • Fast fill shut off valves with electronic pressure release on product fill lines.
  • Quality Donaldson and Parker filtration systems.
  • Hydraulic-driven pressure washer with a lance.
  • Ryco hose and fittings completed with Croc Sleeves.
  • Push-button service oil sampling ports.

Electrics – Features & components:

  • Electronic level sensors & visual sight glass.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Deutcsh connectors with detector light.
  • Triple insulated “Plug & Play” wiring harness.
  • Electrical enclosures rated to IP67.

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