Truck Mounted Water Tanks On Road and Site

QMW Industries develop and manufacture our tank modules to suit each client’s specific requirements for both above and underground applications, for dust control for mining and construction sites, haul road or bulk water delivery. Our truck-mounted water tanks have a volume range from 1,000L to 45,000L. Each tank is subject to a strict design structure and analysed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure that vehicle structural integrity is maintained. We also perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to ensure stability is supported on all types of roads and driving conditions.

We perform Class 2.5 sandblasting, apply zinc-rich primer and a quality 2-pac paint system that keeps the tank looking good for years.

We can fit QMW’S Water Tank modules with any of the following:

  • Pumping systems.
  • Fan sprays, dribble bars.
  • Front & rear spray bars
  • Cannon (manual, remote or radio-controlled)
  • Hose reels.
  • Bottom/Dam fill.
  • A rear bumper and a rear-mounted camera.
  • Air or hydraulic operated sprays.
  • External water level gauge, fast-fill points and Quick dump valves.
  • Longitudinal and horizontal baffles.
  • Baffle balls
  • Inspection Hatches.
  • Fog jet nozzles.
  • Certified ROPS or ROPS/FOPS

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