Safety reaches a new level

QMW Engineering Department manager Joel Hansell says the design of the Q-Transporter series is unlike any other on the market.

“Nobody has ever integrated a ISO3471 ROPS into an ADR59/00 ROPS,” he says.

The Q-Transporter series is at its core, a cleverly designed modulation that enables a vast amount of desirable and customised configurations. These include but are not limited to a man hauler, which can be customised to up to 32 people or a medical response unit.

The structure of the omnibus has been manufactured using zincanneal and galvanised materials to protect it against corrosion and the harsh environments it will be used in.

“Our ability to develop a customised design to suit your application, is what makes the Q-Transporter and QMW a client’s premier partner when it comes to business solution requirements,” Hansell says.

The QMW team, following client feedback, wanted to utilise their skills and expertise to develop a new product that would deliver zero harm.

“The vehicle encompasses a range of features, which provides safety to the occupants,” Hansell says.

“We wanted to reach out into other avenues within our existing skills set in order to provide an innovative solution to our existing markets.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel – there is an existing product range of man hauler vehicles in the industry but none have this level of innovation and quality of safety.”

The Q-Transporter will be launched at the Australian Mining Safety Conference on May 1.