Safety at any depth

QMW Industries three-man falling object protection structure (FOPS) canopies and cabins for loaders in the underground mining industry have been developed with the client’s requirements and safety in mind.

“Our three man FOPS cabin and canopies are compliant with the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO 3449),” QMW Industries Engineering manager Joel Hansell says.

“It ensures safety when carrying out training, assessment and personnel transportation in an underground mining environment.”

According to Hansell, the ability for the cabin or canopies to carry three people instead of one means that it will not be necessary to drive the additional vehicle down into the mine.

“Not having to drive the extra vehicle underground mitigates the risks involved with having to manage another vehicle underground and also reduces the cost’s associated with the up keep of that vehicle.”

As a company with a strong focus on personnel safety, QMW has also developed several canopy and cabin designs to meet client expectations.

“These designs include, open canopies and enclosed canopies with factory or custom air- conditioning,” Hansell says.

The team has also further developed integrated roll over protection structures (ROPS), which adopts ISO 3471 and FOPS (ISO 3449) for cabins and canopies.

“The integrated ROPS and FOPS structures further meet the requirements our clients have.”

These cabins and canopies can be fitted to the Caterpillar 930, IT 28, Komatsu WA250 and the Volvo LI20F to name a few.

Hansell says, other attachments the company has for the front of a loader include, standard and customer built man baskets, work platforms, ANFO kettle platforms, tyre handlers, jib stage crane arms, forklift attachment, fan installation platforms and buckets of all shapes and sizes.

Meanwhile, QMW also offer a range of underground loader compliance extras such as steel or stainless steel fuel tanks, access platforms and fire suppression systems, as well as operator and passenger seating options.