Same Q~ROPS Truck Range – New lower price

QMW’s continuous Improvement philosophy has paid off yet again.

“As a result of their latest Lean Manufacturing initiative and with the support of Enterprise Connect, QMW have managed to significantly reduce the time taken to manufacture their complete Q-ROPS truck range. “This is the first of several strategic initiatives where the savings will be passed directly onto our customers,” says Paul Cartwright, QMW’s Business Development Manager.

”The competitive landscape has changed considerably over the last few years and QMW need to meet the expectations of the customer, this initiative has not only reduced the selling price in an increasingly competitive market, but has the added benefit of getting product to our customers even faster than before, a key metric for this product”, Cartwright says.

The above picture shows one of the jigs used to reduce manufacturing times, watch out for future price reductions on the Q-ROPS range as further Lean initiatives are implemented.